Fabio da Silva offers private lessons in the Alexander Technique (AT) and Zero Balancing (ZB) sessions in his office in Union Square in Manhattan, and in his studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In both AT and ZB we focus on the skeletal system as a deep and reliable source of power and support and its relationship to gravity and the ground.

In AT we use our thinking to:

    • direct energy into healthier pathways within the body
    • release unnecessary muscular tension 
    • promote more freedom in the joints 
    • improve posture and natural breathing 
    • calm down our nervous system/ reduce stress
    • delay habitual unwanted reactions

ZB uses the practitioner’s touch to unlock held energy at the bone level. When that’s
released the body reorganizes itself, balancing both the energy and structure. Often times after a session the client feels more grounded (relaxed) and alert (focused).

ZB and AT both promote and cultivate more balance in our systems therefore allowing for healing to happen. They are both very gentle, yet are efficient in undoing chronic patterns of tension, stress, anxiety and muscle-skeletal pain, just to name a few.

Fabio is also a certified Klein Technique teacher.